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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2014 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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the halfway house, that he was amazed that they had given him parole >> the system with joe burlinger only on al jazeera america >> the morning after the siege - pakistan adds busiest airport attacked with machine-guns and a rocket launcher. hello, welcome. you are watching al jazeera live from doha. it's good to have you here with us. also ahead - the former army chief takes power in egypt. abdul fatah al-sisi speaks of reconciliation, but warns against violence. a prayer of peace - the pope makes an appeal it the israeli
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and palestinian presidents at a landmark ceremony at the vatican. plus... a rebel group in the democratic republic of congo faces defeat - a new report on its violent legacy. pakistan's busiest airport has been attacked by men. the military says all 10 attackers died. there are reports that the pakistani taliban claimed responsibility. we have more. >> reporter: the deadly attack on one of pakistan's busiest airports. an armed gang carried out the daring occupation after storming the terminal at the international airport. it is used for diplomats and cargo. eyewitnesss inside the building
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say they could hear loud explosions and gun fire. >> i heard the gun fire and then the men "lay down, lay down", we heard gunshots on and off, on and off. loud blasts. >> incoming flight are diverted to other airports. smoke billowed into the skill. the army went into the area. security forces cop fronted and killed them, destroyed them. if it's good the operation was over in four, five hours. >> reporter: karachi is the financial capital, and questions will be asked about how security was breached. airport and military installations are on a high state of alert.
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no one claimed responsibility for the latest attacks on the airport. it comes at a time when talks between the pakistani taliban and the government stalled. egypt's new president abdul fatah al-sisi has taken power. at a swearing in ceremony, the man that led the military coup promised to tackle what he called terrorism. egypt's president spoke from the gardens of his new home, the presidential palace. less than a year before it's been occupied by mohamed mursi. now the man who led the coup that ousted mohamed mursi is in charge. he used his speech to justify last summer's crackdown on the muslim brotherhood. >> there was a threat of civil war, the misuse of religion. as you were seeing, the people were the big losers. in addition there was a bad economic situation.
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we were in debt here and overseas and there was high unemployment. >> now, abdul fatah al-sisi says a priority is fighting terrorism. he never named the muslim brotherhood, but in a thinly veiled reference the new president said there would be no reconciliation with anyone he said had adopted violence against egyptians. >> in order to achieve national dignity, social justice and co-existence, there'll be reconciliation with everyone that sees egypt as his or her nation. those that killed the peep of egypt have no place on our pass. i am saying it in a clear-cut way. those that kill the innocent and honourable people of egypt have no place on our path. abdul fatah al-sisi promised economic reforms to improve the investment environment and concentrate on improving the life the country's poor.
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there was a commitment to fighting corruption, an acknowledgment of one the issues that triggered the bring down of hosni mubarak. al jazeera continues to demand the release of its journalists detained in egypt. three staff accused of supporting the muslim brotherhood have been held for 163 days. on thursday egyptian prosecutors demanded the maximum penalty for them, wanting seven years in gaol for peter greste, and 15 for fahd -- mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed. the lawyer for abdullah al-shami, another al jazeera journalist, has requested he be released on medical ground. he's been held since august last year without charge and has been on a hunger strike since january. dozens have been killed in
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attacks across iraq. the headquarters of a political party was hit,ate killed. in ramadi fighters launched a missile into a market, killing five. gunmen attacked a police patrol killing four officers. sudan has arrested a second opposition leader in less than a month for criticising the government's actions in darfur. the man was detained after blaming security forces for search violations. last month troops were accused of committing abuses in the region. >> families in somalia are facing the threat of disease after a camp for internally displaced people was flooded. tim friend reports.
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>> reporter: they were already homeless. now flash flood swept that their camp, making their plight more dangerous. soldiers have been trying to help, but their efforts are limited. for the moment there's nowhere else for the families to go. >> translation: we sleep in the water. i have four children. we spent eight nights in the water. we are homeless day and night. we don't know what to do. if you can do something for us, please do it. >> reporter: flooding comes annually to parts of somalia. heavy rain took everyone by surprise. having to live, cook and sleep here increases the risk of disease. >> we don't have shelter or school. we are starving. we stay in the water. we don't have a place to sleep. we are stuck. >> children are most at risk.
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this is the grave of a child killed by the flood water. >> floods which flashed in last monday killed him. the second rains came in the camp. too many children are dying. they don't have medicine and shelter. the waters will subside. the camp will be moved. local officials fear more will die before relief arrives. tim friend, al jazeera. >> the palestinian and israeli president embraced after a prayer service in the gardens of the vatican. pope francis invited mahmoud abbas and shimon peres to pray. al jazeera's nick spicer has this report from the vatican. you can no longer say peace in the holy land hasn't a prayer. pope francis welcomed the israeli and palestinian presidents for a prayer. prayer is powerful, as the pope
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tweeted. [ singing ] >> reporter:. >> reporter: jewish, christian and muslim religious leaders read passages from the sacred text. pope francis meant the ceremony to show there was hope. peace making called for courage. it calls for the courage to say yes to encounter and no to conflict. yes to dialogue, and no to violence. yes to negotiation, and no to hostilities. all of this takes courage, strength and tenacity. oh, lord, bring comprehension and just peace to our country, our people and those of the middle east will number the peace, stability and coexistence. >> never will i forget the bereaved families who paid the
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cost of war. all my life i should never stop to act for peace, for generations to come. >> the israeli prime minister is not here. binyamin netanyahu is the israeli decision-maker, but he refuses to recognise the unitary deposit. earlier in the day the pope thanked people around the world for their prayers for peace. palestinians came to listen ahead of the big unprecedented encounter. >> i am happy for the meeting and the prayer for middle east, and the piece for my people. >> reporter: it all ended with a handshake and the planting of an olive tree. hope for the future and desire
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for peace. ukraine's new president met russia's ambassador in kiev. petero poroshenko said they should metry day to stop the fighting in the east, by the end of the week. troops are barting pro-russian -- battling pro-russian separatists. kim vinnell reports from donetsk. >> slovyansk is a city under siege. al jazeera cannot independently verify the video. it claims to show residential areas coming under fire. doctors tell us that civilians are among the wounded. inside the city goodbyes are a reminder of human costs. parents were left behind as they were evacuated to safety. the ukranian military launched a major offensive to regain control of slovyansk and the
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vouching villages. we found a hospital where wounded separatists are being treated. armed men stormed the building. a doctor who didn't want to be identified showed us through the building. he told us it's difficult to get medical supplies coming from russia. >> supplies are easy to get, but hard to get across the russian border. they can wait at the border. >> a few streets away separatist fighters are on alert for military assault. >> pro-russian separatists man check point on main roads in and out of donetsk. sporadically enforcing a curfew and a sense of lawlessness reigns. >> ballet claefas and military fatigues are an ordinary site. many believe kiev is to blame. >> we support them, not letting people into donetsk who are aggressive towards us.
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we support them. it's right. >> the ukranian army is wounding us. this man is protecting us. violence in the east is not the only battle that the new president now faces. president petero poroshenko wants peace. the people watching on are yet to be convinced. more to come with al jazeera. we'll tell you how qatar plans to generate low-cost power and reduce the carbon footprints. hillary clinton fuels speculation over whether they'll run for america's top job. >> an epic fight to preserve a way of life. >> we ask for strength as we take on one of the most powerful forces on the globe >> a battle for the very soul of this state, but is time running out? >> it's a wholesale effort to buy government... fault lines
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comcast business built for business. hello, let me take you through the main stories this hour. security forces are back in control of pakistan's busiest airports after it was attacked by heavily armed men. 22 people were killed there a 5-hour siege during the international airport. the pakistani airport has not found who is responsible.
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egypt promises to work through reconciliation, but not to those that resort no violence. abdul fatah al-sisi addressed the nation after taking power on sunday. pope francis hosted a landmark prayer service with the palestinian and israeli president. the ceremony was held in the gardens of the vatican, where the pope called on both leaders to show courage. >> government troops in the democratic republic of congo are fighting a ugandan rebel group called the allied democratic forces. they were part of a mission by the armed group. as malcolm webb reports hundreds of civilians have been killed as rebels are forced out of the main bases. >> when the adf rebels attacked jackson's village, he fled with some of his neighbours. he's the village chief and returned after government troops took it back.
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he found unpleasant surprises. human bones and clothing poke out of a shallow grave. he showed us more like it. he said there were 70 here, and more graves in other areas. children, men, women - many women didn't get away. they were culled by the adf. we found dogs eating the bodies from these graves. >>. >> reporter: since jan rebel troops were found fighting. the adf seen here, started the rebellion in uganda in the 1990s. they reason hiding in congo. they believe in islam. here are the replans of an adf base. there was a primary school here, several like this. there's a blackboard down at the end. taking advantage of the lawless innocence in democratic republic of congo in trying to create a little state hit ep in a state.
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it seems brutal. here is an underground cell where prisoner could have been detained. it's hard to imagine if anyone sends time in there, they would have come out alive. in a nearby down jean paul runs an office, documenting 400 people abducted by the adf. some have been found dead. >> they committed a lot of crimes, crimes against humanity. things that shouldn't have passed unminutesed. therefore we think -- unnoticed. therefore one day the justice system will have to take notice. for congo justice is rare. those missing are three priests and four staff from doctors without forces now that the ad will be defeated, people wonder if they'll be seep again. they will be gone, but the facts
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about what happened here may disappear with them. political leaders in columbia have suspended campaigns. juan manuel santos faces a changer. round two comes as f.a.r.c. admits its actions during the columbian governments led to deaths. >> reporter: the race is m neck and neck. the peace process with f.a.r.c. rebels is at the center of the campaign. the rebels and the government took responsibility for crimes committed during 15 years of wore. there's a chance that millions of victims will be heard. negotiators say including them in the peace talks are key to ending the conflict. in his campaign, juan manuel
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santos is focussing on his role in the peace talks. trrks we are so close to piece. i need the mandate to finish that is planned and exku.d his opponent campaigns on drugs and crime. he promises to talk to the rebels in certain conditions are met. >> we are willing to negotiate police, but based on justice and respect for the victims. peace requires that all rebel attacks cease. >> reporter: both candidates decided to go after the revolt. there are millions of farmers. what is at stake is their productivity and vir security.
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farmers suffered the most. that's why juan manuel santos needs to be re-elected. >> we have endured years of war, now there's time to ingest in get. >> reporter: but there's a belief that promises of jobs will bring peace to the countryside. 60% of columbians didn't vote in the first round. both candidates believe they need the farmer's votes. 32" of columbians live in the countryside. next week's race will be defined by politicians, reaching out to columbians in remote areas. every vote counts.
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transport workers in sao paulo will continue a strike. subway workers refuse to go to work for four days. it could lead to transport chaos ahead of the opening match of the football cup. hillary clinton is rolling out a campaign to launch her book. analysts say she is using the promotional tour as a foothold to run in the 2016 election. >> reporter: since leaving the job of secretary of state, hillary clinton is a highly visible public figure. making speeches for a fee of $200,000 and providing plenty of fodder for political forecasters ranking her the favourite for the democratic presidential nomination in 2016. >> you know, i'll decide when it feels rite for me to decide. i will be on the way to making a decision by the end of the year,
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yes. >> the publicity roll out for clinton's book has all the subtlety of a military operation ramping up to full speed, in the words of one ciic. she packs the book with a fair share of personal items, including the scrutiny based about her appearance. >> i did go to 112 countries. i was on the aeroplane for so many days. i didn't have time to worry about my hair. >> the book "hard choices" clinton lays out views on a global roam. as a u.s. senator she admits she got to wrong. clinton argued unsuccessfully to arm and train groups against bashar al-assad. no one likes to lose a debate. this was the president's call, i respect his deliberations and decision. she cautioned form gip shan
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president hosni mubarak to speed reforms, but didn't favour obama's decision to garner support. she drit sizes the call for a frees on jewish settlement in the wang as a tactical mistake. that emboldened mahmoud abbas to harden his negotiating position. her biggest redepret, the deaths of four americans, including the u.s. ambassador to libya, in the 2012 attack on the consulate. some tried to pin the responsibility for a failure to rescue him. democrats may compete for a democratic resolution. back in the 2008 campaign historians note that she had a 50% lead over barack obama, only to see him win. gulf countries are investing
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millions in renewable energy sources. despite gas reserves qatar as the largest solar manufacturing region. vurnalists say it's a -- environmentalists say it's a step in the right direction. >> reporter: this production line is designed to harness the power of the sun. it's the gtc's first factory under one roof. electricity is cheap and consumption is high, prompting many countries to invest in renewable commrge. they plan to convert its output to renewable sources. the facility plans to generate 2.5 gigwas while keeping his own carbon footprint under control. what we have done is implement innovations, so the cooling system which is a large proportion of our cars in this region. we have moved to a gas-fired
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cooling system. that brings incredible efficiency. we implemented lec lighting. that allows us though reduce the loads over all. >> this produced solar panels that can produce 300 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 100,000 homes in qatar. gulf states are spending 155 billion on solar power projects. the company behind the projects and some environmentalists believe that the massive investment is energy reliant. it's worth it. the view is that they have a fine item energy supply in qatar. it's natural gas and will round out. at that point do you want to be reliant on foreign technology or do you want to be an innovator. >> it's aimed at provided the
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best quality. the panel on climate change believes it's about time. >> qatar has high emissions. i commend the fact that they are looking into the future more so than most countries are. taking steps to develop technologies that will be sustainable. qatar solar energy says it plans to take the model and implement it in other market. the government announced measures to curb the energy rates. it is still many years away. that's is for this bulletin. it's been good to have you here with us. you can keep up to date with all our news on the website. you'll find it at
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